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Vendor Opportunities

The Crosstown is a complex engineering and construction project that requires a range of services and materials – whether it is for engineering and construction services, equipment and materials for construction activities, or administrative and other professional services.

CTS is committed fair and ethical procurement, and the use of local sources and social enterprises where practical and economically reasonable.

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Social Procurement

Crosslinx Transit Solutions (CTS) requires many local services and resources to complete the ECLRT project.

CTS is committed to a social procurement process that includes working with social enterprises in the city of Toronto and supporting businesses that are located along the project corridor.

We work closely with the United Way’s Social Purchasing Project to find social enterprises to provide the services that we need. The Social Purchasing Project aims to build capacity and elevate the profile of social enterprises by connecting them with public and private sector purchasers.

We encourage all social enterprises to connect with the Social Purchasing Project to get connected to us and added to our supplier list.